Why silk flowers are perfect for weddings

Silk flowers are perfect for weddings for many reasons! First and foremost is that they don't die! Imagine being able to keep the wedding bouquet you dreamed about for that year that you planned your wedding instead of just a few hours. Also, there is no worrying about keeping them fresh. Whenever I have done a fresh flower wedding, I have to deliver the flowers in vases of water. I tell the brides to leave them in the water as long as possible to keep the flowers hydrated and to put them back in the vases as soon as possible. What a hassle to be constantly be putting the bouquets back in water all day! With silk flowers, that is not an issue. Little children can be hard on fresh flowers. They tend to play with their flowers and they end up a mess. I have seen it happen. Silk flowers are nearly indestructible. They are perfect for beach weddings for that reason because the beach winds can completely destroy fresh flower bouquets. Weather is an issue with fresh flowers! If it is extremely hot the flowers can easily wilt or if it is extremely cold, they can freeze. Most couples these days like to have pictures taken outdoors so it can be an issue. Also there are some folks that are highly allergic to fresh flowers so it makes sense to use silk flowers for those people. Silk flowers are usually more cost effective. I recommend using higher quality silk flowers to get a more realistic look. I always strive to find great silk flowers and they have come a long way! They can actually be more expensive per stem than fresh flowers but you can usually use less stems than fresh because silk flowers are in full bloom! Fresh flowers come in various stages of bloom and they are not all the same size. Fresh flower florists charge more for labor because they have to process fresh flowers and hydrate them. It's a long process! Also they have to order more flowers than they actually need because some fresh flowers will break or go bad before they get used. Also, generally you can get any flower in any color anytime of the year! Fresh flowers are not always available when you want them and have to substitute for Want peonies? they have a short time that they are in season. Brides don't want just roses and carnations anymore! Brides want all types of flowers in colors that mother nature doesn't make. Take blue for example. There are very few blue flowers in mother nature but you can get many blue silk flowers! You can even get turquoise flowers for that beach wedding!  I love silk flowers on wedding cakes as well. No need to worry about toxic flowers on your cake. There are so many gorgeous silk sprays and branches that look beautiful on a cake! Use your imagination. Picture a cherry blossom branch on a cake! You cannot do that with fresh flowers. The only limits with silk flowers for your wedding is your own imagination!